Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 35: estudio espanol

I stayed up late last night watching TV so I ended up sleeping in. Not a bad thing, I think my body really appreciated it.

After my first segment of riding today, I decided to put on my Spanish album. I am taking courses full time at Harvard Extension School this fall and attempting an intermediate Spanish course. So I am trying to bone up on mi espanol with a learn Spanish in your car type deal on my iPod. If you thought the cows looked at me funny before, you should see them when I ride by saying things like "Ella maneja a la biblioteca" (she drives to the library).

Otherwise, things were hot and kinda boring:

YouTube Video

There is a bridge out east of Chanute so I had to do a little extra mileage to end up in Erie KS for the night. I had 9 deviled eggs from the grocery. Just be glad you are not sharing a tent with me tonight!

Here is me pointing to where this air conditioned rest stop is:

- Jeremy Tagliaferre; hiker, biker, and general life liker.


  1. felicitaciones y un viaje seguro

  2. Just wanted to say that I'm enjoying following your blog....really like the YouTube snippets. I'm very impressed that you got everything down to one bag. When you get done with your trip, I'd love to see a blog on what you ended up carrying.

    My husband and I plan to do a cross country trip next summer, so I'm researching now about all things road touring....lighter is better as far as I'm concerned so a "one bag rider" is very impressive!