Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 17: riding through history

After two long days I am trying to take it easy today. To slow myself down some I am stopping at the historic points along my route.

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Robber's Roost got its name because a gang called "The Innocents" ran it. If people looked like easy targets, they would catch up with them down the road and rob them. They all got killed by a group called "The Vigilantes." they marked the road they protected with the numbers 3-7-77 and would write it on your door if you had committed a crime in their eyes. It was a warning to get out of town or find yourself in a hole 3 feet wide, 7 feet long, and 77 inches deep.

I rode through a couple small towns that do history reenactments on the weekends and have old-time storefronts. You can ride on a train, or a horse drawn carriage!

Here's Gladiator tied to a hitching post:

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