Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 25: Hoosier daddy!?

Up and over Hoosier Pass today!

YouTube Video

It is the highest spot on the route and I do believe the last time I cross the divide.

I stopped early today because I was unsure of my camping options down the road. Reviewing my map and corrections, I think there was a better stopping place just ahead. I am still set up nicely for tomorrow though. It is mostly down hill to Pueblo and I took a hot shower, ate a double dinner, and will go to bed early. I will be ready for a big day.

An English biker named Rolf just rolled into camp. He outran a storm over the pass. I was watching that storm from here and was glad to be not dealing with it. I am glad he made it unelectricuted.

Here is "camp rest":

Stats and highlights:
Near Heeney to Fairplay
Miles: 55
Highest elevation: 11,524
Bike path miles: 25
Highlights: fruity pebble breakfast with James

The ride around Dillon Resavoir

Asking Hoosier Pass who it's daddy was

Saying goodbye to the divide

FaceTiming with Samara now that she is back from her trip to Isreal!

12 inch post dinner sub

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