Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 26: church on time

Well the ride down to Pueblo was great but not nearly as downhill as I was hoping for. I got so frustrated with the few uphills there were I would try to spit on them. However, it was so hot my spit vaporized before it could hit the scorching hot road.

The towns were lovely and often times offered a few trees for shade and always an unlimited supply of cold Gatorade and Powerade (if either of you are reading this blog I would gladly drink your brand exclusively if offered a sponsorship). I also found myself riding through Florence again, I thought that was where I started...

The last 25 miles of the day were the hardest. I rode exposed to the sun and low on water. The ride was downhill with a light tailwind at times. But there sure were a lot of hills, and the wind in a fickle beast. Just as my optimism and water bottles had run dry, a family pulled over and asked me to stop. I was worried I had made a mistake and they were going to tell me to be more careful and take up less of the road. This was the opposite of their intentions. They were planning a ride along this road and wanted my opinion. They also gave me a water bottle's worth of ice cold Gatorade! Thanks guys!

With lifted spirits, I rode into Pueblo where Rick Calhoun and the United Methodist Church gave me the hook up. Air conditioned room with a couch, and a tv to watch Veggietales? Yes please.

Stats and highlights:
Miles: 124
Highlight: finally being here in Pueblo

- Jeremy Tagliaferre; hiker, biker, aand general life liker.

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