Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 16: rider of the storm

2 passes today folks! Even though they weren't that big, I had to climb over 2 passes during a 40 mile stretch of sun, heat, and exposure. It was great except for one thunderstorm that almost got me.

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I waited a little bit longer than rode on the tail end of the storm for an hour or so. It was a little cooler there but also had more wind.

I snacked with a couple of bikers today in Jackson just before the climbs and met a few guys headed west after them. They both told me the free camping shelter in Twin Bridges is da bomb, so I am eating some fruit here in Dillon and will push on to the double bridges tonight.

It has been a great day of riding and I feel like my body is getting used to pedaling all day. Beautiful country here in Montana, top notch.

- Jeremy Tagliaferre; hiker, biker, and general life liker.

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