Please follow these links to my sponsors and check out the products of these great companies:


These guys donated a a bike lock to my trip.  They sell locks for motorcycles too and pretty much anything else you would ever drive, ride, flip, clip into or otherwise want to put a lock on.


Not only have I worn KEEN footwear on the Appalachian Trail, in the Sargasso Sea, and while I ran the Cape Cod Marathon, but KEEN has donated a few pairs of shoes for me to wear on my cross country bike ride as well!  They have successfully monopolized my feet during adventures.  KEEN is all about making sure people get out and enjoy the outdoors, so check out their site even if you aren't into shoe shopping.

                                                                                     Adventure Cycling Association

These lovely people donated all the maps for the TransAmerica Trail that I will be ridding on.  But they have maps for all kinds of other routes you could take to bike across the country, or enjoy over a weekend.  And they offer guided and supported tours if you are a little nervous about figuring out the logistics of biking and camping, or just want some extra help.  My mother is also very good at organizing these sorts of trips, but she is busy with her own stuff so I suggest ACA for all your touring needs. 

This is an Alaskan based bike jersey company that sent me two of their colorful and fun jerseys.  They specialize in making designs for different states that are great to bike around.  If you are looking for something fun to wear around, or just want to browse all their cool designs, you should really check them out.

                                     Adrenaline Promotions

Just because I am going to be sweaty and smelly, does not mean I can't look good.  I am looking smart in my Harvard University jersey thanks to a donation from Adrenaline Promotions.  Among other biking gear, they sell bike jerseys with college logos on them.  So if you are a bike club at a school, or just want to rep your alma mater, you should check them out.  You can buy online or find a dealer near you.

            Backpacker's Pantry

I was given a pro deal with BP for my bike ride and will be taking advantage of it every night.  These guys sell the best dehydrated food around.  Whether you are a vegetarian or meatatarian, they have some tasty meals for you.  You can buy them at pretty much any outdoor store, or go to their website and order directly from them.

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