Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 52: I'm in Love

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I ended up spending lots of time in Lexington. I hung out outside the library using their Internet and eating some homemade banana nut bread I bought on my way into town, I checked out their visitor center, and them I fueled up with some more snacks. I needed the fuel to climb up the mountain onto to the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are rumors that no one can make that climb without stopping to take a break. I would not believe that if I were you.

The BRP is gorgeous! I am loving it up here, and the temps are great for sleeping.

Stats and highlights:
Daleville VA to Love VA
Miles: 84
Weather: sunny and hot
Mullets: 1
Dogs that ran onto road: 0
Dogs that barked hello and ran beside the road: 6
Elevation gain to get onto BRP: 1500 ft
Miles to club it: 3
Waking up on the Appalachian Trail

The morning ride through the woods and beside streams

Checking out old stonewall Jackson's grave

Enjoying the views on the BRP