Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 37: Missouri unleashed

YouTube Video

Cloudy day. It rained on me just as I got into Houston. Other than that, the weather was great for riding. Lots of towns within 10 or 20 miles of each other made it easy to take lots of breaks and stay fresh. I needed that freshness because I ended up racing the sunset into Houston. It was great to see Fred one more time before he goes back home to Ohio.

Here's me after I fixed my bike (my chain rings were loose):

Stats and highlights

Ash Grove MO to Houston MO
Miles: 111
Temp: high 90s
Terrain: hilly
Eating the best engineered veggie delight subway sandwiche I have ever had in Hartville MO.

Hanging out with Fred.


  1. I just posted on your youtube video instead of your blog by accident....wondering how you hold your cam while riding.

    Nice road (no traffic), but bummer about the lack of a shoulder!

  2. I just put the camera in one hand and cowboy the handlebars with other like I am riding a bronco.

    The roads are ok through MO. These are the first roads that have been this narrow while still having moderate traffic. There is no traffic in the video because I stopped filming when I heard a car coming.