Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 43: cave in rock, me in Kentucky

Just before I left Illinois, I visited the famous Cave in Rock state park. It was way cool, especially after visiting the less famous Tower Rock state park. I biked about a mile off route down the steepest hill ever and found no rock towering over the forest. The park was even missing its sign. The climb back up the steep hill was rough. Cave in Rock redeemed Illinois just before I took the ferry across the Ohio River.

YouTube Video

The real story of the day is where I ended up. The First Baptist church in Sebree has a biker hostel that is amazing. The pastor and his wife also cook you dinner! I had called ahead to ask if I could stay there and she replied, "yes, I will have your dinner ready." That was all I needed to hear. I practically flew there.

Here is a picture of my snack pack I made with duck tape to munch on my banana chips while I rode:

Stats and highlights:
Bay Creek Ranch to Sebree KY
Miles: 90
Dogs that chased me: 3 (I just stopped and got off my bike and they stopped)
Ferry: 1
Highlights: exploring cave in rock

Stopping at an Amish store and buying some banana chips, then I attached it to my handlebars and ate them while I rode