Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 42: mr 3000

We did it folks, 3000 total miles traveled!

Right from the start, I knew today was going to be extraordinary. Instead of waking up hot and sticky with sweat, I awoke to the cold (not cool, cold) crisp air of the air conditioned bunk house at the Chester Eagles. I savored the temperature for an extra hour. I was trying to sleep off all those late nights with the Tag Family watching the Olympics and movies. After I finally rolled out of bed, I walked outside to find Gladiator right where i left him. Thanks OnGuard. I then said goodbye to the birthplace of Popeye and snapped a quick photo with the Bluto statue.

The ride was great today. I got to see some scenic parts of Southern Illinois. I stopped at a gas station for a pizza lunch. I rode on a closed road like the American Cowboy I am. Ate a few climbs for afternoon snack. And then it happened. In the city of Goreville, home of the fighting black cats, I officially reached 3000 miles. Note that I only count miles progressed on the TransAm. This does not include miles I rode to get to groceries, gas stations, libraries, etc. Otherwise I could just ride in circles in the parking lot to inflate my stats. I am not about that folks, rest assured my numbers are pure.

YouTube Video

- Jeremy Tagliaferre; hiker, biker, and general life liker.


  1. Woooooo! 3000! Yeee ha! Bob and Janice are routing for you!

    Some Cape stats for ya:

    Biggest Aug news story: Shark bites tourist who "didn't know there were sharks here"

    Number of cucumbers grown so far: 23

    Jars of homemade pickles consumed: 4.5

    Trips around bicycle rotary: 6

    Flat tires: 2

    Surprise Samara encounters: 1 (too few)

    Hours of Olympics watched: many

    Woodbriar residents who have joked that Bob should be in the Olympics: many

    Bob's current hair color: 2 inches brown, 1 inch blonde

    Meals of Backpacker's Pantry pad thai: 2

    Episodes of indigestion due to Backpacker's Pantry pad thai: 1

    "I wonder how Jeremy's doing?": Countless

  2. Congratulations on 3,000 miles....awesome!!