Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 50: the beginning of the end

In my head, I had organized my ride into 5 legs. Florence OR to Missoula MT was the first leg. Then Missoula to Pueblo CO. Pueblo to my Uncle at the MO/IL border was third. MO/IL to Damascus was the forth, and Damascus VA to Virginia Beach will be the last and final leg. I spent most of the morning figuring out where and how I am going to finish. After that, it was off the breakfast with the four other bikers on town: Promise, Whitney, Brian, and Stephanie. I had the Mojoe's Cafe pile o' pancakes. Boy was that good. We chatted for a while, but eventually I had to leave my pedaling pals because they are all taking a rest day in Damascus.

The afternoon ride was gorgeous. The road curved along streams and through forests as I pedaled beside the Appalachian Trail. It was cool to recall memories from my previous hike. After a few gentle climbs, I rode through some awesome rolling hills of a valley and it's cute little valley farms.

Between Chops and the girls, I didn't realize how much talking I had been doing in the past three days. It was odd not hearing any conversation during my ride. I replayed some of the comments from the past few days and found myself relaughing at many of them.

Now I am camping in a city park which does not have showers... The shower streak is over.

Damascus VA to Whytheville VA
miles: 59
Weather: cloudy, it almost rained in the early afternoon but eventually became sunny
Dogs: 2
Mullets: 1
Today's food: spicy Thai peanut sauce backpackers pantry meal; pile o pancakes; a honey bun and an apple pastry; turkey sandwich and chips; footlong subway tuna sandwich; spaghetti backpackers pantry meal

- Jeremy Tagliaferre; hiker, biker, and general life liker.

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