Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 40: a dog's life

After biking through Kansas and now most of Missouri, it is time for a break. And where better to take one than somewhere with family? So today I took a cue from Buddy (pictured bellow) and just lounged around for most of the day with the Tagliaferres. I spent the day with my Aunt Val, Uncle Lou, and cousins Paige and Taylor. They all live here in St. Louis. As part of our lounging we watched the Olympics, played video games like Just Dance 3, ate ice cream from The Malt Shop, drank slushies, watched The Blindside, and laughed at their dog Buddy. While we loafed around like champs, Gladiator was in the bike shop getting cleaned up and tuned up. We both should be ready to ride tomorrow, but it will be hard to leave after having had such a wonderful visit!

How can you say goodbye to those eyes?

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