Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 41: missing Missouri and crossing the Mississippi

It is not so much the state itself that I miss but the people I left behind. It is always hard the first day out after a good visit, but today feels extra lonely. Luckily, I am combating the post-visit depression with a few big milestones and an awesome place to "camp" for the night.

YouTube Video

I crossed over the mighty Mississippi River in the late afternoon. I decided to soak in the last day with the Tagliaferres and didn't get back on the road until four o'clockish. Hanging out with them was the right decision. I did a short day into Chester, IL and am staying in a bunkhouse with a fan and air conditioner. The local chapter of the Eagles maintains it behind their building and it is great. I made a few phone calls, took a shower and am turning in early. Putting in a good day of biking tomorrow will surely raise my spirits.

Chester is the birthplace of Popeye, I made sure to shave in St Louis so I could make a good Popeye face:

Stats and highlights

Ozora MO to Chester IL
Miles: 20
Weather: sunny and moderate temps

Spending time with family

Crossing Mississippi

Chatting with some Chester youth

A nice lady buying me my subway sandwich


  1. No spinach? Makes ya strong, ya know!

  2. I'm pretty sure you've just been green screening yourself in front of all these landmarks. We know how you have experience with green screens: . You've totally just been lying on the couch this whole time, haven't you?

    Very proud of you, go Jer Tag go! But I'm not performing your mountain man to regular man haircut this time. :)