Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 52: historic Lexington

What an awesome night's sleep. My spot was a little slanted, but I used some techniques from sleeping on boats to rest peacefully all night. It felt good to be in the woods and not have to deal with city lights or have to worry about urban wildlife (humans) disturbing the peace.

YouTube Video

I have been moseying along this morning, trying to savor what is now the last few days of my ride. The rolling hills and forests of Virginia are great. The shade feels so good. Even on a hot day, as long as I have shade, I feel great. I am in Lexington right now and had time to stop and pay my respects to the famous Stobewall Jackson.


  1. I showed my husband your blog last night and the picture of your bike with it's "one bag". You are our heroes for traveling so lightly. We plan to tour next summer and are trying to sort out all this gear stuff. One thing I've figured out about you from your last few blogs is that you have a lot of backpacking experience that translates into traveling lightly. That makes a lot of sense.

    I'd really like to read a blog from you at the end when you have some time about your gear and what you ended up using.

    Congratulations on having such a great ride!

  2. Thanks. Yeah, you feel the weight more when it's on your back. But a lighter bike with little wind resistance is way underrated in the bike touring world.