Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 44: not so tubular

After a late evening of watching movies with Jon, I decided to sleep in for my easy day. Jon and I decided to ride out together today and we left around 9 am. The riding was nice and went by fast as we chatted away. Jon is riding from his home state of Alaska, all the way to Key West, FL. He has been on the TransAm since Montana. After getting wrecked by a moped, he took some time off in CO. Since then he has put in multiple days over 200 miles. Today he took it easy with me. It's a good thing he did. He had three flat tires today and only two tubes left in his pack. The tubes he has seem to be bad because they keep busting at the base of the valve. I carry a spare tube, so I gave him mine. Jon wasn't the only one of us to have equipment failure today though. For no apparent reason, my speedometer broke. There is a bike shop down the road a ways that we can get to tomorrow and replenish our tube supplies and speedometers.

Stats and highlights:
Sebree KY to Rough River Dam State Park KY
Miles: 70
Weather: clear and warm
Terrain: lovely rolling hills
Total flat tires for Jon: 24
Weight of Jon's stuff: 66 pounds plus bike
Weight of my stuff: 47 pounds (including bike)
Consecutive days I have showered: 5

Listening to Jon talk to the dogs in a voice that resembles Bill Murray

Placing a pin on the map at the church hostel for my home town of Reynoldsville, PA

A banana split in Fordsville, KY (picture not available)

Finding Cape Cod potato chips at a gas station here

- Jeremy Tagliaferre; hiker, biker, and general life liker.

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