Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 45: totally tubular

So throughout the morning, John and I discussed what we wanted to do about our lack of tubes and my broken speedometer. Eventually we figured out that Leitchfield had a Walmart. Leitchfield was about 11 miles southeast of the route and would set up John for his ride to Mammoth Cave witch also lies to the southeast. I called them up to make sure they had our tube size in stock and we were off. But when we got to Lietchfield, we almost rode past a bike shop without noticing it. Luckily we did and waited the few minutes for it to open. The owners are the two most angelic trail angels around. They immediately fed us and attended to our needs. I have never felt so instantly welcome in a place ever.

After that, John and I parted ways. I rode back onto the TransAm and had a very productive afternoon. It was pretty cloudy, so the day felt cooler than what it actually was. The ride was some of the most pleasent terrain yet. Rolling hills through beautiful farmland with lots of trees.

YouTube Video

Here is me with beautiful scenery:

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