Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 34: when animals attack

After 33 days without incident, I have now had three animals make an attempt on my life within the past ten hours. However, they have all been smaller than a breadbox. The first one was last night. As I rode back to my campsite from the grocery, I heard a dog bark. I looked over and saw a tiny doxin running straight for me through the open front yard gate. I have been preparing for that moment every time I hear a dog bark and I initiated plan: out pedal angry dog. My pedaling was no match for his tiny little legs and I easily out ran him. The second incident was a crazy bug. It flew straight at me and attached itself to my beard just under my helmet strap. I tried to swat it away but I think it bit or stung my finger before I could shake it. The last and most treacherous assailant was a small bird. It swooped down towards my head and pulled up before he made contact. Then it did it again, and again. I pedaled faster but couldn't shake it. Then I tried swatting at it but it persisted in its swooping and squaking. Finally I pulled over and took off my helmet. I started swatting at it with that and it seemed to be more hesitant. Eventually this caused the bird to squak at me some more and then fly away.

After a few big days, it's time for a break. I rode to Eureka KS today. On my way I met a guy named Peter who slowed down beside me and asked, "Hey, you want a cold water?". That is the best question to ask a touring cyclist. I drank some water and we chatted about our trips. He is out doing a little driving tour, checking out some sites and talking to people he meets along the way. Thanks for the water Peter!

I am now in a motel room watching TV, eating lots of food and letting things dry out.

- Jeremy Tagliaferre; hiker, biker, and general life liker.


  1. loving the stories jez, nice to get a little piece of your adventures!

  2. hey! if you need a place to crash when you hit kansas city or just want to say hi, let me know! 508-733-8989

  3. Just a taste of Nature's Fury! Watch out for locust and tumbleweeds.

    1. The locusts are the worst offenders of recklessly flying into me! I ran one over by accident, hopefully that will be the only road kill I produce on the trip