Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 20: the wheel saga

Ok folks, here we go. As you may remember, I have already broken two spokes on my back wheel and decided to buy a new one once a third spoke popped. Today is that day. When I got into DuBois , WY (special note: I went to high school in DuBois, Pa) I broke that third spoke. It through my wheel pretty out of whack and I did not want to keep riding on it. So I called the closest bike shop in Lander, about 70 miles away and told them of my situation. They called around and left a message on a lady's phone named Judy whom they knew was driving through Dub city some time today. She got the message just as she was pulling into the gas station I was at looking at my tire. She said, "this is kinda weird, but are you having a problem with your tire?". She explained herself and offered me a ride into Lander. I accepted and we left my bike at an outdoor store in DuBois that I knew about because the KEEN rep for the area had noticed my plight and offered his help as well. (special note: KEEN donated two pairs of shoes to my ride). So Judy (special note: my grandma's name is also Judy) and I drove to Lander and had a nice chat along the way (special note: Judy was just in Falmouth with her daughter and my friend Kimberly showed them around SEA's campus). Once at the bike shop, a guy named Jordan replaced the spoke and trued my wheel. The plan is to hitchhike back to DuBois tomorrow, ride back to Lander, and wait for the new wheel to come in (special note: i am staying at a local motel where I can camp in the back, have unlimited showers, a continental breakfast, and hot tube access for 10 bucks a night). Big thanks to all the Wyomites and others who helped me out today!

Here is me in Wyoming:

- Jeremy Tagliaferre; hiker, biker, and general life liker.


  1. It's a small but wonderful world ain't it?

  2. It sure is! I type this from a computer in the church of my pastor's brother who is also a pastor here in Pueblo. Yet another example of a small and wonderful world