Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 10: up the lochsa

Solid day of riding today. I'm starting to run into more and more touring cyclist making things a little more friendly. Turns out I am not the only one pushing to Missoula for the ACA party. A guy named Fred also made the long climb alongside the Lochsa River today. We are now within striking distance of Missoula!

YouTube Video

Today's ride featured a 66 mile long section without any grocery stores or gas stations. Luckily there was a ranger station about one third of the way up that had water and a place for me to let the dew dry off my gear. I also cooked myself a little lunch. It was a lovely break and nice to chat with the hosts of the station.

Day 10: stats and highlights

Miles: 95
Miles from Missoula currently: 60
Whitewater rafting boats I saw: 5
Elevation gain: 2000 ft
Highlights: every piece of food I ate today, I have been very hungry lately
Also the ride beside the river was absolutely gorgeous. I call those "Samara Rides" because they are so pretty

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