Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 23: the last of Wyoming

Here's a video from the morning:

YouTube Video

I got a late start because the US Postal Service does not start work until 8am. The long, straight, lonesome roads started to get to me today and I found myself piddling about slowly. However, a phone convo with my grandma lifted my spirits a good bit. I also talked with my buddy and old shipmate James Smith about meeting up with him tomorrow in Breckinridge. This also helped to lift my spirits.

The end of the day was a pretty long section of open road. I actually really liked it. I think I am going to miss those uninterrupted stretches of road that Wyoming offered time and time again. The solitude was sometimes lonesome, but it was also kinda nice. One can think about a lot of things and sing a lot of Taylor Swift on those kinds of stretches.

Anyway, here is me getting to Colorado:

Stats and highlights:
Rawlins WY to Walden CO
Miles: 111
Rainbows: 1
Rain showers while it was sunny: 3
Mini hills I had to go up and then down during the last ten miles: 1 million
Bikers I've seen today: 7
Highlights: a local telling me I'm lucky, it's usually windy (I rode into a lot of what i would consider strong head winds today, I guess I am lucky)

Eating food and chatting with another biker named Dave in Riverside

Eating an avocado in Saratoga

Having the cows cheer me on during a few of the climbs

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