Monday, June 25, 2012

More Pics from Yesterday

A small town I rode through. I sat by this sign and ate a snack, jalapeño chex mix.

Leaburg Recreation area at Leaburg Dam. I went across the dam and checked out the fish hatchery.

I forget the name of this canal. But I rode alongside it for a couple of miles. Here I am standing on a wooden bridge.

Nice road, little traffic, few hills, great scenery... I will take 4,254 more miles of this please.

The tasty burrito place I ate at. Yum

- Jeremy Tagliaferre; hiker, biker, and general life liker.


  1. Laughing planet is one of my favorites! Did you get the cuban bowl? That is the best one!

  2. I got the Moroccan grilled veggie. Also good. I will try the cuban bowl next time