Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 1: the beginning

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I rode about ten miles this morning then took a bus the rest of the way to Florence. The hardest part of the morning was waiting for the bus whilst I had to pee. Now that I dipped my tires though, my ride has officially began. However, I have only raised enough money for WBR to ride to Baker City, OR. So please donate to WBR by clicking the button on your right.

The plan is to get as close to Eugene as I can and camp out tonight. Tomorrow morning I will catch a bus from Eugene and go to Portland to see Samara one last time before my ride and before her family and she fly to Hawaii. Can you believe that? Hawaii, for some fun in the sun while I pedal and sweat my way across her state.

Gear that has sand in it:
Shoe covers
Yellow bag
Both wheels
Handle bars

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