Friday, April 6, 2012

First Stop: Training

Click the picture to register too!

I just registered for the Walk + Bike Retreat that will be held in Bend, OR on June 21 - 23.  Basically, a bunch of Oregonians are getting together to talk about how to best teach kids to ride bikes or walk around town.  They have published some award winning curriculum and have a pretty awesome program.  Not only do they teach bike safety, but they also advocate for better traffic laws and tons of other stuff.  The group is called Safe Routes to School and they are a national organization.  Check them out, maybe they can help you start a bike program in your home town.

I will be participating in their retreat to gain a better understanding of bike safety education before I head out on my adventure.  After the retreat, I will leave from Bend and bike West, dip my tires in the Pacific, and then start my journey East.

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