Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 3 Brewster to Falmouth

I had some technology issues but here is the day 3 post in case you missed it or are especially bored:

This morning was busier than yestermorning because we had to pack everything up for the ride home. We hit the road around 8 and enjoyed the first few miles of the day on the CCRT. We were sad to leave its smooth, pot-hole free paths, tunnels, and mile-markers so we went extra slow the last mile to savor it.
We rode on 6A for most of the rest of the morning and stopped for a snack in Yarmouth at the Village Store.  I asked the lady about all the different chicken and seafood salads until I found one that did not contain any celery (I hate celery).  We saw a bike sitting outside that probably costs more than my total assets. The owner eventually came out, he looked friendly enough but was not very talkative or interested in sharing stories from the road. He seemed rather serious about biking.  THe guy inside told me he came from Falmouth.  I told him that's where we were headed.  He said to be careful on 6A, but I found that most of the Cape Cod drivers were very nice and safe around bikers.
We continued to bike down memory lane on most of the roads we rode on Day 1. We took a few different ones and found a nice route to The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant. It's about ten miles from home and with the money we'd save on gas I could buy an extra egg roll.
We are home now, tired, sunburnt above the shoulders and bellow the thighs, but thankful for a wonderful trip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEwVaKxIwnE&sns=em

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