Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two more jerseys, from Alaska!

The nice and hearty folks at Free Spirit have sent me two of their colorfully designed jerseys for my ride.

They design jerseys for many of our great states.  I decided to go with their Oregon jersey since I will be starting there.  I figure it will be cool to be wearing an Oregon jersey in Virginia, so people will say, "Hey man, why are you wearing that Oregon jersey here?" and I can say, "Because I rode here from Astoria, OR to raise money for World Bicycle Relief.  Can I sleep in your backyard tonight?"  And they will say, "Sure, you can take a shower too if you want, and can you tell me more about WBR?"

This one is called "Mountain."  It will be good for riding through mountains.  There are a few bike riders depicted here, so if you are willing to ride a portion with me, I would love to have company.  It would also help the jersey to more accurately represent my ride.

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