Thursday, February 9, 2012

My maps make planning my path possible!

I have been using my maps from Adventure Cycling Association to plan my route.  They donated all 12 of the TransAm maps to my ride.  Each map shows about 300 miles of the route and breaks it up into sections.  Each section is about 25 miles.  I will fold the map and display whichever section I am ridding on my handlebars.  They are waterproof too, so rain will not slow me down.  The maps also talk about general weather trends for the area, some history, phone numbers for services like hotels and campgrounds, and even an elevation profile.
I have put together a tentative schedule that you can view by clicking on the schedule tab in the top right corner.  Please let me know if you are going to be close to any of those locations when I am passing through.  And if you know anyone that could set me up with a group of people interested in watching a documentary about bike charities or a group of students eager to participate in bike safety activities, please let me know.

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